Board of Directors

2021 Board of Directors

Angelo Sonnesso, MA, MS, president
Ron Deveau, PC, treasurer
Terry Blocher

Barbara Hanft
Rose Clark
Bella Reber
Cathy Pfendler, RN

GEM also acknowledges the technical support of:
Roger Pfendler

Susan Pfaff, Website

Rosalind Pugh
Susan Darling
Rev. Charles Daly
Jean Basnight

Merry  Mendelson
Luanne Hege
Nancy Kosanovich, NP, retired
Rachel Besancon, RN
Susan Firman, RN
Mary Ellen Hawthorne
Oscar Northern
Delana Phillips, MD
Rev. George Smith

GEM gratefully accepts donations, which help continue programs year-round
without charge to participants.

Contact Gail Sonnesso at 252.480.3354 or email