GEM – Gentle Expert Memorycare

Thank you for your interest in GEM Adult Day Services, Inc. on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We are a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality services to both participants and caregivers.

GEM provides a positive supportive environment for adults with memory loss, physical, and mental disabilities and those in need of socialization.

Caregivers, family members, neighbors, friends…each group also has a stake in learning more about memory care and how to foster a sense of normalcy for those who still “got a lot o’ livin’ to do.”

A quick survey…will you help?

As the AAA prepares to develop our 2021-2024 Aging Plan, we are asking for your input into the services and supports for older adults and caregivers throughout the region.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below.  There are only 8 questions so it should only take a minute or two of your time.  Thank you in advance for helping us to identify the greatest needs of older adults and caregivers in our region.   

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