Who We Are

GEM – Gentle Expert Memorycare

GEM Adult Day Services, Inc. in the Outer Banks is a community-based nonprofit organization providing leadership in dementia care since 1997. We are dedicated to offering a positive and supportive environment for adults with memory loss, physical and mental disabilities and those in need of socialization.

Our Vision…

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GEM’s Vision is to deliver effective and loving support for people with early to moderate memory loss by sharing our expertise with training, education and tangible support for community/church friends, family caregivers and the individuals living with dementia in our community.

Our Mission…

“to alter the impact of dementia by changing awareness, attitudes and behaviors with a primary emphasis on promoting best practices for training, education,
and care.”

GEM follows the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ group respite guidelines. However, the state does not yet offer a licensing process. GEM’s president, executive director, and paid staff all have AFA (Alzheimer Foundation of America) care partner certification.

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on COVID-19 and Dementia.